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Self-host a Comet Server in your own physical or virtual environment.
Suited for those that need control and can provide their own infrastructure.


  • 64-bit x86 CPU architecture.
  • Any recent Windows or Linux operating system version.


Client Cost:

  • $2/month/device + $1/month/booster.

Server Cost:

  • None.


A Comet Server hosted for you on a private Amazon VPS.
Suited for those needing a quick, easy, and off-site solution.


  • None.


Amazon S3

Client Cost:

  • $2/month/device + $1/month/booster.

Server Cost:

  • $30/month + $0.20/GB, or
  • $99/month/TB (on request).
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Looking for the desktop client software?

You can download the Comet client software from your server once setup is complete. See the Getting Started guide for more details.

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