Feature Requests

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Votes NameComments
11Support for Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram 2
11Add UserName to Subject LIne of emailed Reports 4
11Backup ACLs for files and directories 1
11Vault Retention by Size 0
11Integrate with cPanel 3
11Remember names for deleted Protected Items 3
11Autotask RMM Integration 2
10Show Device Name for Boosters in My Dashboard on My Account 0
10Extensive Backup Report for Users 6
9Replication Reporting. 2
9Cluster Support Hyper-v 7
9Hyper-V - Option to take separate VSS snapshot for each VM 4
9Server Setup wizard - usability improvement suggestions 2
9Hide server address from app 1
9Desktop app - Show Protected Item Size 4
9User Signup Through App 4
9Onsite local backup server with VM support 7
9NinjaRMM Integration 2
8Force TOTP/U2F for Admins 1
8KVM Hypervisor Backup 1
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