Feature Requests

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VotesName Comments
3Extending Quota settings 1
7File based include/exclude lists 1
3File Sync 2
1Filter and export Credit History 1
7Force TOTP/U2F for Admins 0
5FreeNAS / FreeBSD support 3
36Further reduce number of "unlock" errors 3
13 TrendingGenerate recovery ISO 1
2Google business drive integration 0
9Group accounts (ordering) for "Connected Devices" and "Users" 1
10Hide server address from app 1
33Historical Online/Offline Status or "Last Seen Date/Time" 0
9Hyper-V - Option to take separate VSS snapshot for each VM 4
21Implement admin audit trail 3
2Improve "REQUEST A FEATURE" with priority choice 1
15Improve Replication 3
4In Bulk Update - Change OS 4
2In Policies have an option to turn on Take File System Snapshot 1
13Include files and folders by regex or wildcard 0
1Increase "Feature Request" text fields 1
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