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5"User Search" in header bar 1
5Resize column widths in the Restore selected items dialog 1
2Device ID duplicate check 1
6Bulk update add users to policy 1
6Do not attempt skipped backups 1
2Improve "REQUEST A FEATURE" with priority choice 1
6Silent install support for macOS 1
6Set a global option to display speed in Mbps 1
4Simplify the "Confirm EFS keys are exported" feature 1
1Support to cover APAC hours 1
18Set a time interval for hourly backups 1
11Access to local onsite backups 1
13 TrendingGenerate recovery ISO 1
15Add System Tray Context Menu Backup Options 1
12Backup ACLs for files and directories 1
21Web Interface - Night Mode / Dark Mode 1
12allow restricting admin access globally 1
34Android Backup 1
25Sequential Backup Schedules 1
11Current (last) and Average Upload Speed 1
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