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Votes NameComments
13LDAP for user logins 6
13Single button to cancel all in progress jobs. 2
13Bare Metal Recovery / MacOS Full System Backup 0
13CBT driver 2
12macOS upgrades without loosing full disk rights 7
12allow restricting admin access globally 1
12Separate retention pass from backup job. 5
12Backup ACLs for files and directories 1
12Sync Local Backups to Other Storage (delayed / asynchronous) 7
12Remember names for deleted Protected Items 3
12Comet Server on synology 0
11Current (last) and Average Upload Speed 1
11Proxmox Hypervisor backup. 5
11Access to local onsite backups 1
11Vault Retention by Size 0
11Include files and folders by regex or wildcard 0
11Update restore treeview to show versions of each file 6
10Schedule - Last Day of the Month 1
10Software Login Screen Customization (Contact Info, password help, etc) 2
10Add UserName to Subject LIne of emailed Reports 4
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