Feature Requests

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Votes NameComments
17Ship Comet Server as a VM Appliance 2
16Sync Local Backups to Other Storage (delayed / asynchronous) 7
16Improve Replication 3
15Single button to cancel all in progress jobs. 2
15Access to local onsite backups 1
15Removing Device Also Removes Storage 5
15Disk Usage over Time Chart 2
15Estimate Backup Size 6
15Update restore treeview to show versions of each file 7
14Proxmox Hypervisor backup. 5
14Include files and folders by regex or wildcard 0
13Separate retention pass from backup job. 5
13Limit number of concurrently running backups per client and storage vault 0
13Don't backup on some networks (VPN / mobile 4G / ...) 8
13Microsoft name for Disk & Partition rather than disk_f000x.vmdk 0
13Calendar view of backed up data 1
12allow restricting admin access globally 1
12Add UserName to Subject LIne of emailed Reports 4
12Backup ACLs for files and directories 1
12Remember names for deleted Protected Items 3
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