Feature Requests

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VotesName Comments
4Customizing Backup Clients 2
7Data delete confirmation 0
4Date and Time at devices 0
5Delete files/folder from all snapshot 2
9Desktop app - Show Protected Item Size 4
18Desktop GUI for Linux (Ubuntu / GNOME / KDE) 2
72Detection of ransomware when backing up 7
2Device ID duplicate check 1
3DirectAdmin Integration 2
2Disable "client users" downloads 0
15Disk Usage over Time Chart 2
2Display / Monitor Cloud Storage Usage (S3) 1
6Display a list of the files currently being backed up in Job 5
6Do not attempt skipped backups 1
11Don't backup on some networks (VPN / mobile 4G / ...) 8
92Downloadable Backup Archive 7
2Drag and Drop Files 2
14Estimate Backup Size 6
35Even faster restore (yes, faster) 2
19Exchange mailbox support 6
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