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1Increase "Feature Request" text fields 1
8KVM Hypervisor Backup 1
9Button to verify Storage Vault connectivity 1
8Show Storage Vault destination while backing up 1
1Zimbra Backup per mailbox 1
6Tagging Servers and Workstations (at the device level) 1
2Display / Monitor Cloud Storage Usage (S3) 1
2Toggle Account Name As Required 1
3Network Deployment 1
3Extending Quota settings 1
2Warning for non scheduled backup 1
2Add an optional field to support tickets - "User Account" 1
2In Policies have an option to turn on Take File System Snapshot 1
4Ability to Re-Open a Closed Ticket or Reference Closed Tickets 1
10Schedule - Last Day of the Month 1
4Remove Resources from Public Website 1
2Automate Server Creation 1
2Support backing up Dropbox 1
6Sharepoint farm backup 1
5restore snapshots selection and pagination 1
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