Feature Requests

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Votes NameComments
19Web Interface - Night Mode / Dark Mode 1
19Rebrandable Help Files / Documentation 4
19Implement admin audit trail 3
18Exchange mailbox support 6
17 TrendingBrute Force Detection 2
17Start backup after sleep standby or hibernation 4
17Centralize Branding configurations 1
17Set a time interval for hourly backups 1
17Provide Windows client as MSI 2
17Desktop GUI for Linux (Ubuntu / GNOME / KDE) 2
16Warning messages color 2
16Ship Comet Server as a Docker Container 11
15List all the new / changed files in email job reports 4
15Linux Repository 3
15Improve Replication 3
15Disk Usage over Time Chart 2
14Removing Device Also Removes Storage 5
14Add System Tray Context Menu Backup Options 1
14Ship Comet Server as a VM Appliance 2
14Set custom "default layout" for Comet Server Web Interface (number of entries and columns) 3
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