Feature Requests

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VotesName Comments
7Centralised Management for updating multiple Comet Servers + monitoring their storage usage 2
20Centralize Branding configurations 2
30Change Text on Email Reports 2
4Change the Quota Overview in the Backup Client 2
8Change the refresh button wording on the restore screen within the Comet Server. 1
3Clicking on "Job History" should update straight away 0
36Client Icons and Colours 8
5Client News To Selected Users 0
2Close dialog when clicking background 2
45Cloud to Cloud backup 2
8Cluster Support Hyper-v 7
5Comet Server should show device version on User page Devices tab 0
8Comet Server web interface - open reports in new window 0
4Comma seperated File type exclusions 0
4Computer Stats in every backup report 4
1Config reload in Linux 0
11Connectwise Integration 7
143Continuous backup 5
11Current (last) and Average Upload Speed 1
4Customizing Backup Clients 2
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