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2Tags - Account level, Device Level and Protected Item Level 0
2Google business drive integration 0
1Bullk Schedule Changes 0
1add option to backup remote ftp sites and Mysql bunddle and schedule it, restore easily to new hosting provider (booster?) 0
2Policies option: Set Cancel Backup After A Set Time 0
33Historical Online/Offline Status or "Last Seen Date/Time" 0
31Linux - backup-tool command-line documentation 0
30Restore VM directly into Hyper-V server 0
2More Robust Multi LDAP External Authentication 0
1Continuous restore 0
2Attaching screenshots into Support Tickets 0
1notification for empty backup 1
7Replicate Admin accounts and TOTP information to replica Auth servers 1
7File based include/exclude lists 1
7Plesk addon for backup 1
7Self-backup status information on the "About this Server" page? 1
8Change the refresh button wording on the restore screen within the Comet Server. 1
2Improve "REQUEST A FEATURE" with priority choice 1
8Replication Reporting. 1
1Increase "Feature Request" text fields 1
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