Feature Requests

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Votes NameComments
40Further reduce number of "unlock" errors 4
39Client Icons and Colours 8
38Official Forum and KB for Troubleshooting 15
36Send combined email report for multiple accounts 8
35Android Backup 1
35Live mount restore 5
35Even faster restore (yes, faster) 2
33Historical Online/Offline Status or "Last Seen Date/Time" 0
33Temporary pause 7
31Linux - backup-tool command-line documentation 0
31Change Text on Email Reports 2
30sub accounts (for customers) 5
30Test UNC path/credentials 3
29Mini restore client 4
28Brute Force Detection 3
27Sequential Backup Schedules 1
26Generate recovery ISO 8
26Rebrandable Help Files / Documentation 4
26Provide Windows client as MSI 2
25Restore selected files from Disk Image 0
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