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VotesName Comments
5Ask For Replace File 3
2Attaching screenshots into Support Tickets 0
2Automate Server Creation 1
6Automatic Restoration 4
3Autorefresh Switch 2
11Autotask RMM Integration 2
12Backup ACLs for files and directories 1
2Backup agent Windows Server 2003 / XP support 4
2Backup and History Log view condense date 2
1Backup as particular user 1
3Backup Google File Stream 0
49backup verification 1
71Bandwidth Throttling 12
17Bare Metal Recovery / MacOS Full System Backup 0
28 TrendingBrute Force Detection 3
6Bulk update add users to policy 1
1Bullk Schedule Changes 0
9Button to verify Storage Vault connectivity 1
11 TrendingCalendar view of backed up data 1
13CBT driver 2
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