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Votes NameComments
3Multiple Users access Desktop GUI 0
2Analytics integration (Google Analytics, Yandex Metrika) 0
2Support backing up Dropbox 1
2Prevent from showing other devices 5
2Toggle Account Name As Required 1
2Automate Server Creation 1
2Policies option: Set Cancel Backup After A Set Time 0
2Google business drive integration 0
2In Policies have an option to turn on Take File System Snapshot 1
2Display / Monitor Cloud Storage Usage (S3) 1
2Device ID duplicate check 1
2Make the backup status follow the real backup only 2
2Disable "client users" downloads 0
2Backup agent Windows Server 2003 / XP support 4
2Tags - Account level, Device Level and Protected Item Level 0
2Improve "REQUEST A FEATURE" with priority choice 1
2Period Retention Policies More Dynamic 0
2Warning for non scheduled backup 1
2Close dialog when clicking background 2
2Drag and Drop Files 2
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