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3Autorefresh Switch 2
18Desktop GUI for Linux (Ubuntu / GNOME / KDE) 2
3File Sync 2
36Further reduce number of "unlock" errors 3
28 TrendingBrute Force Detection 3
3More detailed messages in Windows Event Log 3
21Implement admin audit trail 3
4PostgreSQL support 3
3protect plans with password 3
3Multiple policies 3
19Linux Repository 3
12Remember names for deleted Protected Items 3
15Improve Replication 3
12Public Download Links 3
5FreeNAS / FreeBSD support 3
5Note for users and devices 3
5Ask For Replace File 3
7Allow configuring the load-balancing rules for multiple Spanned drives 3
11Integrate with cPanel 3
12Add UserName to Subject LIne of emailed Reports 4
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