Feature Requests

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20Centralize Branding configurations 2
16Warning messages color 2
10Software Login Screen Customization (Contact Info, password help, etc) 2
13CBT driver 2
3Add additional variables for command line installation 2
1Option to automatically save client log file to text file 2
9NinjaRMM Integration 2
9Server Setup wizard - usability improvement suggestions 2
45Cloud to Cloud backup 2
11Show next scheduled time of protected items n the "Protected Items" web interface 2
2Close dialog when clicking background 2
2Make the backup status follow the real backup only 2
37update Comet Server from web interface 2
11Autotask RMM Integration 2
2Backup and History Log view condense date 2
35Even faster restore (yes, faster) 2
30Change Text on Email Reports 2
2Drag and Drop Files 2
3DirectAdmin Integration 2
7Centralised Management for updating multiple Comet Servers + monitoring their storage usage 2
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