Feature Requests

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Votes NameComments
7Centralised Management for updating multiple Comet Servers + monitoring their storage usage 2
7Show "Recent Activity" as a Tab when viewing User account in Comet Admin 0
7Nextcloud Integration 0
7Force TOTP/U2F for Admins 0
8KVM Hypervisor Backup 1
8Change the refresh button wording on the restore screen within the Comet Server. 1
8Replication Reporting. 1
8Ability to copy a user template 0
8Comet Server web interface - open reports in new window 0
8Cluster Support Hyper-v 7
8Show Logs button for RUNNING jobs in GUI 0
8Show Storage Vault destination while backing up 1
9MySQL Server Database Table Backup 8
9Ability to select sort column in backup/restore dialog boxes 0
9NinjaRMM Integration 2
9Server Setup wizard - usability improvement suggestions 2
9Hyper-V - Option to take separate VSS snapshot for each VM 4
9Desktop app - Show Protected Item Size 4
9Group accounts (ordering) for "Connected Devices" and "Users" 1
9Support for Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram 1
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