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55Restore back to original directory structure 1
11 TrendingCalendar view of backed up data 1
49backup verification 1
10Hide server address from app 1
6API - Last Successful Backup in User Profile 2
22QNAP Install 2
17Ship Comet Server as a VM Appliance 2
15Disk Usage over Time Chart 2
6setting max concurrent job running 2
5New Account / Device Notifications 2
5Delete files/folder from all snapshot 2
4Add a Policy to prevent the use of UNC Paths 2
15Single button to cancel all in progress jobs. 2
4Add multiple exclusion items to a policy 2
21Provide Windows client as MSI 2
26Test UNC path/credentials 2
4Change the Quota Overview in the Backup Client 2
5Support for ZFS snapshots 2
4Customizing Backup Clients 2
5Skip if initial backup is still running 2
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