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113Office 365 Backup (booster) 25
51Server auto-create direct cloud buckets 17
38Official Forum and KB for Troubleshooting 15
56Reseller support 13
71Bandwidth Throttling 12
17Ship Comet Server as a Docker Container 11
28Syncro MSP RMM-PSA integration 9
17macOS upgrades without loosing full disk rights 8
36Client Icons and Colours 8
9MySQL Server Database Table Backup 8
11Don't backup on some networks (VPN / mobile 4G / ...) 8
50Restore selected files from Hyper-V VHD/X 8
40Show Comet Server Storage Size + Availability on Dashboard 7
92Downloadable Backup Archive 7
72Detection of ransomware when backing up 7
55Synology DSM NAS Support 7
58VMware Support 7
9Onsite local backup server with VM support 7
11Connectwise Integration 7
8Cluster Support Hyper-v 7
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