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1add option to backup remote ftp sites and Mysql bunddle and schedule it, restore easily to new hosting provider (booster?) 0
4 TrendingSet Time frame of hourly/perodic backups 0
5Add booster support to WHMCS 0
3Show uncompressed size. 0
26Linux - backup-tool command-line documentation 0
24Restore VM directly into Hyper-V server 0
3Clicking on "Job History" should update straight away 0
6Data delete confirmation 0
3Add Sample Policies 0
22progress bars in management console 0
3Multiple Users access Desktop GUI 0
4Extend Retention Range to include Quarters and Years 0
7Comet Server web interface - open reports in new window 0
4Replication retention 0
4Date and Time at devices 0
5Client News To Selected Users 0
4Set Proxy Though Client Interface 0
4Notification popup 0
5 TrendingShow "Recent Activity" as a Tab when viewing User account in Comet Admin 0
5Include regex 0
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