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Votes NameComments
152 TrendingBare Metal Recovery / Full Windows System Backup 26
129Continuous backup 5
101Office 365 Backup (booster) 22
81 TrendingDownloadable Backup Archive 7
71Trial or Paid 7
63Bandwidth Throttling 12
57Detection of ransomware when backing up 6
51Restore back to original directory structure 1
47VMware Support 6
44Reseller support 12
43Restore selected files from Hyper-V VHD/X 8
43Synology DSM NAS Support 7
43backup verification 1
40Cloud to Cloud backup 2
40Server auto-create direct cloud buckets 17
37Show Comet Server Storage Size + Availability on Dashboard 7
36Standalone Restore Tool for Emergencies 6
36Official Forum and KB for Troubleshooting 14
35update Comet Server from web interface 2
32Temporary pause 7
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