Getting Started with CometGo! 

Ready to configure your CometGo! server? 

As the actual setup process of CometGo! is automatic, this guide covers configuring your branding settings

To get started, from the 'My Servers page' in your account area on, select 'Branding Settings'

This section will allow you to configure: Server Branding, Client Branding, Supplying a Custom Domain and Email Configuration

1. Comet Server Interface Branding 

From here you can brand your CometGo! server interface and the default storage vault name that customers backup to. i.e 'ABC Company Secure Backup Vault'

2. Client Branding 

In this section you can brand the appearance of the desktop client, EULA, configure a custom help page and more

3. Custom Domain 

Here you can configure the domain of your CometGo! instance

4. Email Setup 

Your Comet Server can send email reports to the customer when a backup job completes. Configure the email settings here

5. You have now completed the configuration options for your CometGo! server 

If you need any further support please open a ticket from inside the My Account section of