Cloud Storage Providers 

Available Providers 

Comet is compatible with the following independent cloud storage providers:

Provider Connection mode Locations Pricing
Amazon S3 Amazon S3
(or: S3-compatible)
Locations Pricing
Microsoft Azure Azure Blob Storage Locations Pricing
Google Cloud Storage Google Cloud Storage
(or: S3-compatible)
Locations Pricing
Backblaze B2 Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage Locations Pricing
OVH Object Storage OpenStack Swift
(or: S3-compatible)
Locations Pricing
Rackspace Cloud Files OpenStack Swift Locations Pricing
IBM Bluemix Cloud Object Storage OpenStack Swift
(or: S3-compatible)
Locations Pricing SFTP Locations Pricing
Memset Memstore OpenStack Swift Locations Pricing (2)
Wasabi Wasabi
(or: S3-compatible)
Locations Pricing
Filebase Filebase
(or: S3-compatible)
Locations Pricing
Storadera Storadera
(or: S3-compatible)
Locations Pricing
Amazon S3 China Amazon S3 (China)
(or: S3-compatible)
Locations Pricing
DreamObjects S3-compatible
(or: OpenStack Swift)
California, USA Pricing
Catalyst Cloud S3-compatible
(or: OpenStack Swift)
New Zealand Pricing
Hetzner Storage Box SFTP Locations Pricing
DigitalOcean Spaces Cloud Object Storage S3-compatible Locations Pricing
European Cloud Hosting S3-compatible Locations Pricing
European Cloud Hosting S3-compatible Locations Pricing
Worldwide Cloud Services Partner S3-compatible Locations Pricing
Strato HiDrive S3-compatible Germany Pricing
Revera Cloud Services S3-compatible New Zealand Pricing
TIMG S3-compatible Locations Pricing

Other compatible providers 

Additionally, Comet supports any cloud storage provider that supports access via

  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • the S3 protocol (e.g. Minio, OpenIO, OpenStack Swift, Ceph)
  • the OpenStack Swift protocol (e.g. OpenStack Swift, Ceph)
  • the filesystem (e.g. Windows Mapped drive, Linux FUSE mount)

Comet is regularly updated with support for additional cloud storage providers. We are also happy to expand the above list to include reputable, independent cloud storage providers that can be supported via an existing compatible protocol.


For more information about configuring Comet to use one of the providers above, please see the Using Cloud Storage with Comet documentation.

Choosing a provider 

You should evaluate a cloud storage provider based on a number of factors.


Check if hosting is available in your preferred location.

Comet performs at its best when you minimize latency between the client app and the storage destination. For best performance, we would recommend choosing a cloud storage location near your customer base.

The data storage location should meet any data-sovereignty requirements of your customer base.


Compare pricing to select a provider that works for you, taking into account the size of your environment and your future scalability options.

Any pricing comparisons should take into account any potentially varying costs for

  • Data storage
  • Upload bandwidth
  • Download bandwidth
  • API call volume

Some cloud storage providers offer discounts for large volume storage.

Other factors 

Other potential considerations could be:

  • Is the service reliable?
    • What is the chance of data loss?
    • Is there an SLA for the service?
  • Is the location suitable?
  • Can the service be rebranded?
  • Are out-of-band management tools available to access the data?
    • Are the management tools available on both Linux and Windows?
  • Does the service have zero rated traffic that I could take advantage of?
  • How flexible/scalable are the storage options?
  • Does the service meet accreditation needs?
  • What is the underlying storage technology?
    • The choice of SAN / RAID or HDD / SSD may impact performance.